Dec 4, 2012

December Most for the Host

Most for the Host is back!  When you book your Shelf Reliance party with me by December 15th and close the party by January 31st, you will earn an additional product at half price, up to $500 retail value!  If you've been thinking about purchasing a THRIVE Package, a Food Rotation System (like the Harvest 72") or a larger emergency item, this is a great opportunity to get it at half price!  Here are some ideas I shared from the special host offer in July.

If you've been thinking about becoming a Shelf Reliance Consultant, this special offer also extends to the Consultant Starter Kits!  That means the Consultant Starter Kit would be $160 (plus shipping and handling) instead of $199, and the Consultant Value Starter Kit (which is a great deal already) would be $231 (plus shipping and tax) instead of $289.  (Remember half-price item is based on retail value.)

To qualify for this half price product, the party must be booked by December 15th but can be held anytime before January 31st and must process at least $200 in sales to be eligible.

A few notes:
You can use this special offer on unadvertised specials (those specials only available through me, not available in my online store) but it is based on the retail price.
The double dip does not count towards the $200 minimum party sales.
Setting up a new Q DOES count toward the $200 minimum at monthly budget x3 (like normal)! ($70 Q budget = $210 in party sales)
This special offer is in addition to the regular host benefits!   You may use both regular host benefits and the Most Host benefit on the same order. You may not, however, use both benefits on the same item
You can use the half-price offer on an item greater than $500 but a maximum discount you may receive is $250.

Count me in!
Want to take advantage of this offer?  Call me at 417-886-9489 to book your party today!  Remember it needs to be booked with me by Dec. 15th  and held before Jan. 31st.