Jul 3, 2012

July = "Most for Your Host" Month

There's an additional benefit for July Hosts!  In addition to the normal host benefits, if you host a party in July with sales above $100, you earn one half-off product up to a $500 retail value!  Unlike the regular Half-Off Items which you can combine items for the total retail price, this special is for 1 item only.

Our Host Benefits:

Home Party Sales        Free Product (Retail Price)     Half-Off Items (Retail Price)
$ 400 - $799                $40-$79                                   Up to $100
$ 800 - $1199              $80-$119                                  Up to $150
$1,200 - $1,599           $120-159                                 Up to $200
$1,600 - $1,999           $160-$199                               Up to $250
$2,000 - $2,999           $200-$299                               Up to $300
$3,000 - $3,999           $300-$399                               Up to $350
$4,000 - $4,999           $400-$499                               Up to $400
$5,000 - $5,999           $500-$599                               Up to $450
$6,000 - $6,999           $600-$699                               Up to $500
$7,000 - $7,999           $700-$799                               Up to $550
$8,000 - $8,999           $800-$899                               Up to $600

Note that this chart starts at $400 where the Half-Off Items benefits normally start.  But the free product benefits start as soon as you have a party.  You earn 10% of your total party sales in free product, with no minimum sales.  In addition, any Qs that are started through your party count as 3 times the monthly budget, or 30% of the monthly budget in free product.  For example, a $100 monthly Q budget = $300 in party sales, or $30 in free product to the hostess.
In addition, when someone books a party from your party, you earn another up to $100 (retail price) half-off credit (for each party booked).
Double Dip Promotion
Don't forget the Double Dip!  If you have previously placed an order, that order can also count towards your own party! That includes your own personal Q.  1 Order = Party Sales Credit at the party you attended + Party Sales Credit at the Party you Host!

Crunching the Numbers
Let's see what happens if you have a $1000 party, with 1 booking, which isn't that hard to do...

 Free Product $100
Half-Off Items from Sales up to $150
Half-Off Items from Booking up to $100
For a combined Half-off Items of up to $250

In July, you'll get all that, PLUS an additional 1 item at half-price up to $500 retail price.

What should I get for Half-Off?

For the normally Half-off Items, you can combine items up to the retail value you've earned.  So you can get 2 #10 cans of Pineapple, 1 #10 can of Seasoned Chicken, and 1 Seychelle Water Filter.  For the July host benefit special of ONE item at Half-off up to $500 Retail, you can't do that.  So what are some ideas?  

A case of your favorite yogurt bites!  A case of the Blueberry Yogurt Bites has a retail value of $251.39.  Normally, my BEST price to home party and Q Customers is $226.19.  That's a saving's over $100 from my best price!  My Shelf Reliance Sponsor, and friend, literally keeps her yogurt bites under lock and key, they are THAT good!

Packages.  Shelf Reliance offers lots of Packages to help you save money and get what you need.  There's a lot of options in the Packages so go browse and find one that meets what you're looking for.  Contact me to find out the Retail price (and my BEST price as well).  One that caught my eye is the Basic 6 month FD Fruit Supply.   It includes 1 Sliced Bananas - Freeze Dried, 1 Blackberries - Freeze Dried, 2 Mangos - Freeze Dried, 2 Peach Slices - Freeze Dried, 2 Pears - Freeze Dried, 1 Pineapple Chunks - Freeze Dried, 1 Raspberries - Freeze Dried, and 2 Strawberries - Freeze Dried.  This Fruit package has a retail value of $320.99, and I can offer it to Home Party and Q Customers at $313.99, so with the July Host Special offer making it $160.50.  Buying these individually at my BEST prices comes to $335.88, making the package a good deal normally. 

Emergency Supplies.  There are several that have my attention! 

First is the Sun Oven which would allow me to bake without power in my home.  In the winter, my backup is to use our fireplace for cooking.  In the summer, I'm limited to a campstove which doesn't work so well for baking.  The Sun Oven has a retail value of $329.99, and a Q Club price of $282.14.  The Half-Off Item price would be $165 which equals HIGHLY tempting for me!
Next is the Shelf Reliance Power Center 200.  A small generator which I can use to power a variety of small appliances in the case of a power outage.  I was thrilled to see that the owner's manual is right there on the product page so that I could see how easy it is to charge and use.  The Power Center 200 has a Retail price of $499.99, and a Q Club price of $495.  The July host special would make this $250.
Finally, as I've thought a little about the wildfires and needing to evacuate quickly in those situations, a fully stocked, pre-assembled 72 hr kit came to mind.  I have a family of 4 so the Expedition Supreme is a great option for the July Host special.  It has a Retail Value of $329.99, a Q Club price of $306.89.  With the July Host special, it would be $165.

I'm Ready!
Call me at 417-886-9489 as soon as you know you want to host a party in July.  You'll want to give friends and family 1-2 weeks notice so we need to get it on our calendars immediately!