Jul 11, 2012

Changing My Pace

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 I remember turning 30 and celebrating.  I worked at a large health system at that time as a project manager.  So many times others would comment to me, "You're still a kid.  You're not even 30 yet".  Part of this is because I've always looked younger than my age (NOT because I act younger).  Turning 40 wasn't a celebration but not because it was a bad thing.  It's just a number now.  I know that so many people have a problem turning 40 but it wasn't a big deal to me.  I actually like being 40, and in a few months, I'm sure I'll like being 41.  What do I like?  I like that I'm so comfortable with who I am.  I know myself so much better that I don't have to keep doing things that don't appeal to me. 

Years ago, "ALL" of my friends were scrapbooking and I felt like I had to scrapbook too.  At some point between 30 and 40, I recognized that I didn't like scrapbooking.  It took a long time for me to do one layout.  I didn't love the final product.  It was hard and I didn't enjoy the process (some things we do are hard but we still enjoy them - this is not one for me).  So I LET IT GO!  The only part I regret is that I still haven't put my family's antique photos into archival materials so that they can be enjoyed.  I have found that I DO enjoy making photo books so somewhere on the to do is to scan those antique photos.  Now I'm starting to wander off topic.

I love being 40 because I can decide that although I planned to do something, that plan can change.  Like last week's menu.  I planned to use some leftover chicken for Haystacks.  But life was SUPER busy that day and even though I stopped at the store for missing ingredients, when I realized I was too tired to do all the work that it was going to take, I changed plans and just reheated the chicken and gravy and served it with the rice I'd started for the Haystacks.  Just because I told my family we were having Haystacks, and posted it on the blog, I could change it.  In my earlier years, I would have felt restricted because I SAID I was going to do Haystacks, so I HAD to make Haystacks.

Before you think I believe 40 means I don't have to stick with my commitments, I'm not talking about not showing up where I said I'd be and doing things I have responsibilities doing.  Like dinner.  I still met my responsibility of providing dinner for my family - it was just changed. 

I have lots of areas of responsibility - immediate family, work (you know, that little company called Shelf Reliance that I "sometimes" mention here), PTA, church callings, extended family, home, financial, etc.  My husband and I joke that he's the CEO and CIO (he's the man in charge and the IT guy at our house).  But I'm the COO and the CFO.  That means I am in charge of not only planning but executing the daily and long-term operations of our home and family, and managing the finances of it all.  Add to that, as of July 1st, I became the Treasurer for our elementary school.  I also am Cubmaster for a Cub Scout Pack (I only have girls so I really thought I was exempt from being a Cubmaster - but Heavenly Father didn't agree with the exemption).  Sometimes I feel so busy that I'm lapping myself in the race of life. 

And I chose to add Shelf Reliance into the mix, with a related blog.  Why?  Because I love it.  I love the products!  I love helping others work towards their own self-reliance goals.  When I started this blog, my plan was to write a post EVERY day.  I love writing and I love sharing about Shelf Reliance so it's a good fit.  BUT sometimes, we have higher priorities and have to make adjustments.  And that's the beauty of being a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant!  Notice that word "Independent"?  I'm independent.  It's my business.  When I need to slow down, I can!

During June, the princesses had summer school in the mornings and I used that time to try to keep up on the house and to write blog posts.  Then summer school ended.  My house is once again a disaster and I'm not writing every day on the blog and I have been feeling guilty.  Well, no more.  I can change the plan!   I can change my pace!

As of today, the plan is to post 3-5 times each week until my girls start school on Aug 15th (party at 8:30 am after I get home from dropping them off!).  Because as much as I love writing and helping you, I love them more.  As I looked at how to get everything done, the number of blog posts I share was something easy to cut back on (not eliminate).  Helping others was non-negotiable.  So I am still available to help you but I just won't be writing as much on here for a little while.  But I guarantee, I will be quick to let you know about deals and specials.  I'm researching surviving in the heat without power and will be sharing soon.  In the meantime, if you haven't already, go like I'm THRIVing! on Facebook.  I've been sharing links to related stories as I find them.

I am also still available for Shelf Reliance parties.  If you've been wanting to purchase one of the more expensive items from Shelf Reliance, consider taking advantage of the July Most for your Host special offer of one item at half-price (up to $500 Retail) for hosting a party with $100 or more in total sales.  Usually, you'll earn half-price items up to $100 Retail value with a $450 party so this really is a great offer!

And once school starts back up, I'll be re-evaluating again, and hopefully returning to posting every day!