May 3, 2013

Never Pack Away the Snow Scrapers

Here's my Preparedness Tip of the Day:

Even if you're trying to sell your house, and it's May, do NOT pack away the snow/ice scrapers and take them to the storage unit to get them out of the way.  I know you're thinking you won't need them until at least the Fall - but you NEVER know when you're going to have ice and snow.

So that's the lesson I learned today.  The big reason you haven't seen a lot of blog posts this Spring is that my husband and I are focusing our attention on preparing our house to sell.  As part of that, some friends helped me clean out my garage of all the boxes I had already packed up, plus actually clean out the garage, on Monday.  I took all those packed boxes over to a storage unit Monday afternoon, and grabbed the two ice scrapers for our vehicles that were lying in the garage.  I thought - it's the end of April so we're done with having snow, plus the garage is cleaned out so I'll be parking inside anyway.

Well, we're painting boards in the garage so I'm not parking in the garage.  And guess what?  It's snowing!  It started snowing sometime Thursday night and it is still snowing now (8:30 pm on Friday night).  It is just now starting to accumulate on the grass at our house but the van was completely covered in ice and snow this morning.  Fortunately, after running the van for a few minutes, the windshield wipers were able to quickly clear the windshield so I could drive my daughters to school today.

So the next question is - am I good to leave the scrapers at the storage unit now or should I go get them and put them back in my vehicle for a late May snowstorm?