Sep 14, 2012

Clearance Soups and Drink Mixes

Updated 9/14/2012 with what's no longer available.

Shelf Reliance is discontinuing some THRIVE Entrees, previous Drink Mixes and Emergency Supplies.  I've already shared with you about the Emergency Supplies here

The THRIVE Entrees being discontinued are the Baked Potato Cheese Soup and Broccoli Cheese Soup.  These soups have been replaced with the THRIVE Express versions.  Starting August 2nd, while supplies last, the price on these have been dropped up to 35% off their Retail price.  If you know you want to order these, I highly recommend ordering them as soon as possible because they will go fast at these prices!

                Clearance            Home Party        Retail
#10         $24.35                   $34.79              $36.69 no longer available in this size
Pantry   $11.89                   $16.69                 n/a no longer available in this size
Pouch   $8.60                     $12.29                 $13.29

                Clearance            Home Party        Retail
#10         $24.63                   $36.69                $37.09
Pantry   $10.21                   $15.09                   n/a
Pouch   $8.74                     $9.39                     $9.89

In addition to the soups, Shelf Reliance has some remaining inventory of discontinued line of old drinks.  These will be available on the clearance page beginning August 2nd as well.  Note that the "old" comment does not mean these items are expired but instead is referring to the old version rather than the current drink mixes.

Fruit Punch (old) - Pouch $3.70   no longer available as of 8/3/2012
Orange (old) - #10 can for $9.48 no longer available
Peach (old) - Pantry $4.71no longer available

To order any of the clearanced items, you can contact me to help with your order or you can order through my online store.  The Soups and drink mixes will be located here after August 2nd and the emergency supplies are located here.  These pages are updated as items become no longer available.  (As a side note, I do not receive any commission on Clearance items.)