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About Shelf Reliance

Shelf Reliance is your premier source for emergency preparedness supplies, freeze-dried foods and food rotation systems (shelving units).  Shelf Reliance was founded in 2004 and you can read their amazing story here.  I love their mission statement "Through superior products and sound education, Shelf Reliance empowers people to become self reliant, prosperous and charitable."

Shelf Reliance has 3 main products:
* THRIVE foods - over 150 shelf-stable foods to help build up your own home food store.
* Food Rotation Shelving Systems - many sizes to organize and rotate your canned food.
* Emergency Supplies - to help prepare your family for all types of emergencies.

About Me
Why should I  have food storage?  I have several personal reasons that we have food storage - preparing for potential job loss (we've already survived one), weather-related emergencies, and being frugal by stockpiling items.
Why THRIVE?  Health.  I love the THRIVE products because I am able to store healthy foods with no additives, preservative, or dyes.  It's just the food.  We have one child who has a sensory reaction to food dyes and as we've tried to limit/remove them from our diet, I've also been increasingly limiting our intake of foods with ingredients that I don't know what they are (I read the labels).  As we've done this, all of us have become healthier.  THRIVE fits into this lifestyle perfectly with it's innovative freeze drying process that allows the food to be naturally preserved with no additives.
Convenience.  Because the foods are already cut and the meat is already cooked, all I have to do is rehydrate, do some basic prep work, and dinner is ready.  This is great for busy moms who still want to provide their families a healthy dinner.  It's also great for empty-nesters who are trying to prepare a meal for 1 or 2 and don't want to waste food.  You can easily just scoop out the amount of food you need without the rest going bad!  My Mom and I were discussing how she could easily make shepherd's pie for one without having to cook a whole pound of ground beef.  (That recipe will come soon!)  It's also great for camping.  Just think how easy it would be to put together an amazing dinner for your family and not have to keep the food refrigerated beforehand, or do any chopping at the campsite.
Snacking.  I really thought my Consultant was crazy when she said she snacked on the veggies without rehydrating.  And then I tried it.  I don't care for broccoli or fresh green peppers, especially by themselves.  But I have decided I LOVE them freeze-dried to munch on.  My 5 y/o thinks the freeze dried Sweet Corn is as good as candy.
Emergency Preparedness.  In many parts of the country, you have weather-related problems causing power outages.  With THRIVE foods, it is so easy to prepare foods that our family loves even without power.

Why Emergency Kits and Supplies?  I live in a part of the country that throughout the Spring, Summer, and even Fall, we have tornadoes.  Without a direct hit, tornadoes can still cause power outages at my home or remove access to nearby stores.  Even though we live an hour away, Joplin's tornado one year ago was an eye-opener of things we need to do to be better prepared.  In the winter, we get snow and ice storms.  In January 2007, we were hit with a very nasty ice storm.  Many people in our city were without power for up to two weeks.  My parents were without power for 1 hour short of being EXACTLY 3 weeks!  In these situations, having a well-prepared 72 hr kit and home emergency supplies can make these experiences much more survivable

Why Food Rotation Systems?  I have been drooling over the Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems since they first came out!  And I can't wait to replace my current shelves!  Why?  Right now, I have boxes with my #10 cans set on heavy duty shelves.  I can't send my family off to get what I need because the boxes are too heavy for my little ones to move out enough to get into.  My husband complains that he can't tell which boxes are what and which one I'm currently using from.  The free-standing shelves allow you to store your canned food in a first-in, first-out method.  And with the optional front shelves, I can put the open can in front of the stored cans.
I also am drooling over the Cansolidators.  These come designed for a cupboard or a pantry for the canned goods you buy at the grocery store.  They remind me of the canned soup dispensers that sit on the grocery store shelves.  These keep your pantry neat and everything easily accessible, without having half of your cans tumbling out onto you as you try to find what you are looking for (and in case you're wondering, I've NEVER had that happen to me - my shelves are PERFECTLY organized, ALWAYS! - and if you believe that, we need to have a little talk)

Why be a Consultant?  I became a Consultant in March 2012 as a way to help my family's finances, help us build up our own food storage and emergency supply needs, and to help others become more self-reliant and better prepared to face life's emergencies.  As I've studied the company and the way they have everything designed, I become more impressed each day!  They are good to their consultants!  They are good to their Party Hosts!  They are good to their Customers!  I'd love to share more with you about being a Consultant if this is something you might be interested in!  Read more here, call me at 417-886-9489 or email me.

Why host a Tasting?  Shelf Reliance treats their Hosts wonderfully!  You receive 10% of your party sales in free product, with no minimum sales required!  In addition, based on party sales, you receive additional half off product!  One of my favorite benefits to hosts is the Double Dip Promotion.  Often when a friend attends a party and decides to host their own party, they put off their order for their party.  But with Shelf Reliance, that order counts towards your party AND their party.  And it's good months later too so you don't have to decide as you place that first order that you want to host a party.  And a close second to the Double Dip Promotion is that as a Host, you don't HAVE to provide the refreshments!  Those come with me!  Of course, you are more than welcome to make one of your favorite recipes from THRIVE to share with your friends.  For more information, read about hosting a party here.

For questions about this blog, you can contact me, Eden Allison, at imthriving@gmail.com.  Opinions and thoughts expressed here are my personal opinion and are NOT those of others.
This website was created to help others use their food storage and become more self reliant.  In an effort for full disclosure, I may earn income from this blog when readers purchase from my online store.  I am an Independent Consultant with Shelf Reliance and have made access to my online store available through this blog.  You may also note links to individual products, categories, and informational articles within blog posts and in the sidebar.  If you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I receive commission and possibly free product.  I do not receive any compensation for any endorsement or mention of these products.