Jun 12, 2012

The Food Money Pit

Source: DeseretNews

This article in the DeseretNews emphasizes one of the reasons I use THRIVE Foods instead of fresh for certain foods.  "The food money pit How food waste costs thousands and how to stop it"

"American households spent an average of $6,129 on food in 2010 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If Jones' figure of 14 percent waste is correct, that is about $858 per year or about $71 a month wasted on food thrown out. Some food waste experts say the food waste figure is as high as 25 percent or about $1,532 a year."

I did the math and discovered we're closer to that avg spent on food than I thought.  And I probably use to throw away that much in food per year.  Isn't that disgusting?!  Goes back to one of my favorite phrases I've heard through Shelf Reliance - the most expensive food is the food you throw away!

And I'm working on implementing their suggestions (and have been).  But I found an additional solution they didn't mention - replacing those foods I tend to throw away with THRIVE Freeze Dried Foods.  I've stopped throwing away Yogurt now that I've replaced it with Yogurt Bites - Strawberry and Pomegranate are our favorites.  And no more half used green bell peppers either!

So instead of throwing away food, take that money you would have wasted and start investing in THRIVE foods with a monthly Q.  By focusing on those foods you tend to throw away, you'll be saving AND having those nutritious foods always available!  And with a monthly Q budget of $100 or more, you receive the Platinum Q Club membership for free (a $79.99 value) and you'll earn reward points for every dollar you spend in your Q that you can redeem for free product!