Oct 2, 2012

October Specials - Vegetarian style

I LOVE when the specials for the month go so well with the things that I feel I need to stock up on today.  So my Q order for this month definitely includes some FD Mozzarella and more FD Sliced Mushrooms.  Looking at the new Fall Price List (which is effective Oct 2, 2012), I realized that by ordering these needed items in October I'm saving over $2 per #10 can of mushrooms, and $4 per #10 can on the Mozzarella Cheese over my normal Q Club/Home Party pricing.

Why do I buy THRIVE freeze dried mushrooms?  This is one of those items that generally no one else in my family will eat.  So when I buy a small can to have mushrooms on my portion of homemade pizza, I don't use the whole can and end up throwing half of it away when it goes bad.  But I have found one way my whole family eats mushrooms and I shared about it recently on the blog, here.  That blog post also shares my success story in sauteeing reconstituted Freeze dried mushrooms.
Why is Mozzarella a priority for me?  Sometimes I think my family would live on cheese alone if I let them.  So when I try to imagine us having to live off our home store, I KNOW that I need to have cheese.  Since I don't know if the reason for living off our home store will involve electricity or not, I don't want to depend upon stocking my freezer with cheese (although I keep some in there too).  If you haven't tried THRIVE Freeze dried cheeses, come to a home event/party (or host one yourself) and sample some.  You will be amazed.  Once reconsituted, the cheese melts amazingly.  And even while still freeze dried, the cheddar cheese is dangerously delicious (I'd recommend NOT letting your kids try it otherwise, you might not have any around to rehydrate).

I also have to point out the great Q-Pon this month on the Green Chili Peppers.  Except for my husband, my family doesn't like a lot of heat to their food so when I buy canned green chili peppers, I don't use even half of the can.  The THRIVE Freeze dried version lets me add just the amount of heat for flavor without wasting the rest.

There are times like this that I really wish I knew advance what is going to go on sale the following month.  I bought a Pantry can of Green Chili Peppers in September, and for not much less than the Q-Pon in October on the #10 can!  The Q-Pon saves you almost $4 per #10 can over my BEST current price.  If you have been thinking about getting your Q started, October is a great month to do it because this Q-Pon is ONLY available to Q Club members.