Oct 13, 2014

Limited Time Special on 1 Yr 4 Person Package

Update 10/16/14 - this special has ended.  Remember they are while supplies last and the supply is now gone.  Contact me to learn about other packages or to customize an order to match your family's preferences.

Thrive Life has announced a limited time special promotion price of $3139.99 on the Emergency Cube through Saturday, October 25th, 2014, or while supplies last.  After this promotion, the price will return to $3749.99.

This 4 Person 1 Year Package is often known as "The Cube" because it takes up an entire pallet!  This package is available in the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Puerto Rico (to order for one of these areas, you must contact me prior to Friday, Oct 24th).  It is not available in my online store.  Contact me at imthriving@gmail.com to take advantage of this limited time promotion!

What's included? 

THRIVE Emergency Cube
4 Person, 1 Year Package (ID #25444)   $̶3̶7̶49.̶9̶9̶      $3139.99



Oct 10, 2014

Wholesome Harvest Savings with October Specials


Jump into Fall with October Specials!

October is all about fall foods. We've got lots of great fall items on sale, plus we're launching a new seasonal product: Spiced Apple Cider! Watch Chef Todd make tasty fall recipes on our October Thrive It Up broadcast, and order now to get great prices on the ingredients for your fall favorites!

The new Spiced Apple Cider is definitely on my family's next order! Check it out!  I love that we add our own sweetener because I can choose to add a little less if we prefer.
And now check out all the October specials:
Shop these specials here: www.ImThriving.ThriveLife.com/October-specials.html