Apr 14, 2015

A better way for Fruits and Veggies

I started buying Thrive Foods to build up a home store for emergency use.  Fresh fruits and veggies don't last so they don't work as a long term food supply.  And canned ones from the grocery store seem to either have added sugar (fruit) or salt (veggies).  Freeze dried fruits and veggies from Thrive Life became my solution.  In fact, they have BETTER nutrition than "fresh" from the store because of being picked as ripeness (not before) and the freeze drying process to not let those nutrients deteriorate.  (See more about that here on the Why Thrive page)

Now I use fruits and veggies from Thrive ALL THE TIME!  They are not only my solution for having a long-term food store but for every day use.  Right now, I have an empty chest freezer in my garage because I don't need to use it as much since Thrive foods can sit in my pantry.  And no more chopping.  I just scoop the amount I need and add it in to what I'm making.  In fact - I'm even sneaking more veggies in to other dishes and my kids don't notice.  Added nutrition, healthier eating, without complaint.

With the Big Deal sale going on now through April 20th, ALL the fruits and veggies are on sale!

 Here are some examples of what's on sale:

Green Beans
Green Beans (FD)
$18.99 $14.29
Peach Slices
Peach Slices (FD)
$32.99 $24.79

Green Beans
Red Bell Peppers (FD)
$39.49 $27.69
Banana Slices
Banana Slices (FD)
$28.99 $18.89
Zucchini (FD)
$21.99 $15.39

Don't forget, ALL THRIVE is on sale through April 20!

Shop The Big Deal Now
Shop The Big Deal Now

Apr 13, 2015

Thrive Brownies and Macaroons are now Non-GMO!!

Feeding my family quality food is important to me.  But that doesn't mean we always eat healthy - sometimes you have to have a treat.  I'm so glad we have Thrive Foods in our home, especially with the latest updates to the Thrive Fudge Brownie Mix and Thrive Macaroon Cookie Mix.  These taste amazing, only require water to make and have no artificial colors/flavors!  And now, they are non-GMO. 

Check out how easy it is to use our Fudge Brownie Mix to make Turtle Brownies: