Apr 21, 2014

Cruising the Caribbean and Dream Big Tour

In January, my friend and upline was in Puerto Vallarta thanks to Thrive Life.  Because of her efforts as a Thrive Life Independent Consultant, she won a trip for two to Puerto Vallarta.  I was jealous but she totally earned it.  She's a rock star! 

At convention this month, Thrive Life announced ALL Thrive Life Independent Consultants have the opportunity to win a CRUISE to the Caribbean in January 2015.  Now it's my turn to be a rock star, and you can be too!

How?  Join my team today and start earning points towards the Fantasy Getaway cruise.  ALL consultants who earn 2000 points by Oct 31, 2014, will win a Caribbean cruise for two.  NOW is the time to sign up!  2000 points is VERY doable!  Contact me to learn more about becoming a consultant or to sign up.  To sign up, you'll need my consultant id (5892) and my email address (imthriving@gmail.com).  In September, you want to be one of those saying "I've got it!" and not one saying "I should have signed up this Spring!"

Want to learn more from the top?  There are a few Dream Big Tour events still upcoming.  Jason Norton, Executive Vice President, will be presenting May 6 in Fredericksburg, VA, and May 7th in Philadelphia, PA.  Eric Morgan, Director of Marketing, will be presenting May 27-29th in British Columbia and Alberta.  Get times and locations for these 5 events on the Dream Big Tour webpage.  Consultants who sign up at these meetings will receive $40 off their starter kit.  Don't forget my name and to take my consultant ID (5892) and email (imthriving@gmail.com) with you to join my team while at the event.  I attended one of these meetings in Springfield, MO, earlier this year and it was fabulous!

In addition, Sandi Pearce, a Platinum Executive Thrive Life Independent Consultant, will be having cooking classes and Opportunity/Training Meetings in Ohio at the end of this week.  Contact me to learn more about Sandi's meetings.

Customer testimony

I recently received this email from a customer who decided to give THRIVE Foods a try during the recent March Madness Sale:
Thank you very much for your help with my questions about Thrive foods.  My order arrived safe and sound last week and we are blown away at the quality.  That first night, I made a glass of milk with the instant milk and I couldn't taste any difference from ordinary skim milk.  I also made a bowl of raspberries and served them with yogurt for dessert.  My wife was shocked and she couldn't tell the difference from fresh.

The real amazement came yesterday morning and this evening.  I made a scrambled egg and ham dish using the chili peppers and whole egg powder.  Neither one of us could tell any difference from our usual fresh eggs.  We were stunned.  My two year old ate a whole plate of the eggs and loved them.  Same thing this evening for dinner.  I made quesadillas out of the ground beef and the leftover peppers.  Simply amazing.  We thought the ground beef was better than the fresh beef we usually buy.  My wife kept asking "How do they do it?".  We thought about how great it would be to take Thrive food on camping and backpacking trips.  No need for the cooler and far less cooking time.  We are definitely sold on Thrive.

David P.
This email made my day!  I know I keep telling everyone how wonderful Thrive is but thought you'd like to hear it from someone else too.  The answer to David's wife's question "How do they do it?" is:  Thrive Life is not willing to sacrifice quality while providing you with a healthy, delicious and convenient product.  That's how you build a thriving life!

One thing that I noticed from David - they OPENED the cans!  I can tell you all day how wonderful this product is, but unless you open a can and try it for yourself, you won't truly discover how easy and DELICIOUS Thrive foods are.  It's really not just food storage - it's FOOD!  There are so many reasons for Why Thrive - check them out, and then contact me to get your order started.