Mar 12, 2013

Anniversary Giveaway - Updated with Winner

3/27/13 - Congratulations to Stephanie K for winning my 1st Anniversary Giveaway!

This month is my 1 year anniversary of becoming a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant.  It has been a great experience for me and my family.  My home store (aka food storage) has grown and I've learned a LOT.  Sadly, the learning a lot part means I am better aware of how much I don't know AND my To Do list for preparedness keeps growing, faster than I can keep up.  I am very grateful to all my customers, especially my first two (you know who you are)!

I continue to look to grow my business and my team - if you'd like to join my team, or get more information about becoming a consultant, check out the Join page here.  To sign up, you'll need my consultant ID (5892) and my email address (  I'm so glad I didn't wait any longer to start my business.  A year from now, will you be wishing you had signed up now?  Are you looking to build up your home store for your family?  Becoming a consultant may be the answer as you can earn free and half-price products on your orders (outside of your Q) helping you to build up that home store faster.

To celebrate my anniversary, I want to share some of my favorite products with you.  And when I say share, I mean one of you will be getting 1 Pantry Can each of 3 of my favorite products...
This product is so versatile! I primarily use it to make Tomato Basil Bread, in soups (like this Minestrone soup), and when I am just a little short on spaghetti sauce (just mix up a little and add it to a partial jar from the fridge instead of opening a whole new jar). I could also use it to make enchilada sauce, or anything else you'd make from tomato sauce or tomato paste. Many people use it to make spaghetti sauce.

When I first tried the raspberries straight from the can, I was not thrilled.  But I'm not a tart fruit fan.  So why are they among my favorite products?  Because I throw them into almost any bread recipe and it makes it amazing.  Check out the Banana Chocolate Chip Raspberry Bread or the Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffin recipe (note a trend).  I've also made Lemon Raspberry Scones that were awesome - and I need to finally share that recipe with you.
I have fallen in love with using THRIVE Whole Egg Powder in my recipes.  With the rising prices at the grocery store, especially on fresh eggs, these are cheaper than using fresh eggs.  So I use them a LOT.  You can mix them up to make scrambled eggs for breakfast, or simply use them as a substitute for eggs in a recipe.

To enter my anniversary giveaway, complete the rafflecopter entries below.  The giveaway is open through March 26th (ends at midnight on March 27th).

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