Jun 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner Followup - The Cansolidator in action!

Thank you, again, to everyone who entered our May Dreaming Big Giveaway!  I was excited all month to see who would win the Cansolidator Cupboard, and it turned out to be Kelly in Pennsylvania.  Kelly was nice enough to share her before and after pictures with us to show how it helped organize her cupboard.

When Kelly received her Cansolidator Cupboard on her doorstep (via FedEx), she sent me this email...

Hi Eden

The consolidator arrived today!  I put it together and I have to say it made a big difference in my cabinet. I took a before picture and and after, which I will attach.  And yes, I have a crazy kcups collection- they fit great on top of the consolidator though!
Thanks again
Kelly's Shelf Before....
Kelly's Shelf After the Cansolidator Cupboard....
Our Giveaway was for the Cansolidator Cupboard, which is 10.25" deep, up to 19.5" wide, holds up to 20 cans and is 9.5" high.  On Kelly's shelf it leaves a lot of space in front.   

There are two other Cansolidator sizes:
The Cansolidator Pantry is 16.5" deep, similar in width (20"), is 11" high, and holds up to 40 cans.  
The Cansolidator Pantry Plus is the same depth and height as the Cansolidator Pantry, but with a width of 30", it rotates up to 60 cans.
You can even stack them, although its recommended to only stack 2 units high.
Are you ready to organize your cupboard or pantry?  Measure your space and figure out which Cansolidator works best for you!  
Through the I'm THRIVing! online store, the Cansolidator Cupboard is just $19.88, and the Cansolidator Pantry is $21.92!  The Cansolidator Pantry Plus is $41.76.

For those of us who like to stockpile when canned goods go on sale, these are a tremendous lifesaver!  No more sliding all the old cans forward and reaching back to put in the new cans.  Simply insert the new can on the top section, and the cans roll forward so that you can remove the oldest from the bottom.  And no more losing a can at the back of your cupboard and forgetting it's there.