Oct 15, 2012

6 Month Package - on sale until Nov 10th

Starting today (Monday, Oct 15th), our new 6 Month Fuel, Food and Water Supply package is on sale through November 10th, or while supplies last!  This is an unadvertised special package available through independent consultants only so you won't find it in the online store!  I'm not allowed to advertise the pricing but I will tell you that if you take advantage of the special price you will save hundreds of dollars over my BEST prices when you order these items individually.  Call me at 417-886-9489 or email me at imthriving@gmail.com to find out the price for this great package!

Want a reminder of what's in the package without clicking through to the blog post above?  Here you go:

1 Person 6 Month Fuel, Food and Water Supply
ID: 25451

This package contains 66 #10 cans, up to 100 hours of fuel for cooking, warmth, and as a fire starter and up to 200 gallons filter capacity.  Shelf Reliance THRIVE Foods have up to a 25 year unopened shelf life.  You can check the specific shelf life of the THRIVE foods in this package by clicking on the links below.
Fruites and Vegetables: