Nov 21, 2012

There's a Shelf for That - Specials on Food Rotation

Over the past several days, I've shared a lot of the specials that are part of the Black Friday Sale this coming Friday through Saturday (11/23 - 11/26).  But I haven't talked much about the Food Rotation Systems (shelving) that will be on special sale to help you organize your home store.

First I want to talk about my dream.  I've dreamed about having a large Food Rotation System since I was first introduced to Shelf Reliance years ago.  I am super excited that the Harvest 72" #10 is on special for just $229.00 (through Dec 15th or while supplies last) and mine is now on order!  I can't to be able to send my children to get whatever food item I need!  I'll be sharing some before and after pictures of my storage after once it arrives.  Next, I'll be ordering some #10 Front Shelves so that the open cans will sit in front of the rest of my storage.  But like most of you, I live on a budget so they have to wait a little while.
Harvest 72"  - Black Friday Sale for $249.99
I specifically wanted the Harvest 72" #10 because of the amount of #10 cans I have in storage.  But I also LOVE the Harvest 72" which lets you store not only #10 cans, but all the different sizes of cans.  You can customize the Harvest 72" if you prefer more of a specific size of shelf (additional charges may apply to customize the configuration).

Cansolidator Cupboard -
$16.99 Black Friday Sale special

 If you are looking to organize your kitchen cupboard, the Cansolidator Cupboard is perfect!
Cansolidator Pantry
Black Friday Special $18.99
If you are blessed with a pantry, I'm jealous! I love the Cansolidator Pantry's extra depth making it perfect for a pantry shelf. It also holds twice as many cans as the Cansolidator Cupboard
Harvest Under the Bed Medium - Black Friday Sale $69.99
This rotation system is perfect for those with minimal storage space.  It easily fits underneath a bed, with a height of 14" once the cans are added.  Be sure to measure underneath your bed (or couch) so that you know if you want to add some bed risers to your order.  The Harvest Under the Bed Medium does NOT accommodate #10 cans but it will hold Pantry size cans or smaller.  If you're looking for one for your #10 cans, check out the Harvest Under the Bed #10 for $75.99 (regular Q Club price, not part of the Black Friday Sale).

Bucket Shelf - Black Friday Sale special $79.99
For those who have their food storage in buckets, you know how heavy those can be, especially when you're needing to access one on the bottom of a tower of buckets (one of the main reasons I prefer to not store in the bucket size).  Shelf Reliance has a solution with the Bucket Shelf.  This unit secures to the wall for safety with anchors that support 200 pounds each. The shelf stores your buckets at an angle so that you can store them efficiently and still have easy access to your foods on a daily basis.  And if you still have the regular bucket lids, check out the Gamma Bucket Lids - they easily spin on and off. So no need to wrestle with your lids or buy extra tools.