Nov 20, 2012

My Favorite Deals in the Black Friday Sale

If you haven't been checking out all the great deals in the upcoming Black Friday Sale from Shelf Reliance, go check out the Black Friday Sale page.  Start picking out the items you want to stock up on during this sale and add them into your Shopping Cart so you're ready to go on Friday when the Sale kicks off.

Or add them to your Wishlist in my online store (you'll need a login) and then share that Wishlist with your family, telling them you want a preparedness Christmas!

When thinking about your Wishlist or shopping cart, remember that all THRIVE Foods are on sale.  The THRIVE Foods with the biggest discounts as well as packages, emergency supplies and food rotation systems that are on sale are on the Black Friday Flyer

Here are a few of my favorite deals:
THRIVE Instant Milk for $15.19 for a #10 Can (the Pantry Can, Bucket, Case and Pantry 10-Pack are also on sale).  This is 22% off the current Q Club price, and 30% off the Retail Price!  Normally, THRIVE Instant Milk is more expensive than THRIVE Powdered Milk, but not during this sale.  What's the difference?  Although THRIVE Powdered Milk (per reviews) tastes great by itself, the THRIVE Instant Milk is designed more for drinking with THRIVE Powdered Milk intended for use in recipes (These comments are based on others opinions as I can't drink milk.)
THRIVE Whole Egg Powder (#10 Can) for $15.89! I did the math here to determine that the Whole Egg Powder is the equivalent of $1.15/dozen, which looking at the grocery store ads is a great price.  During the Black Friday Sale, it's the equivalent of 88¢/dozen!!  I've been using my Whole Egg Powder more and more for recipes (almost exclusively) and saving my fresh eggs for fried eggs for breakfast.

THRIVE Egg Whites (#10 Can) are also on sale - for $21.49.  I love Angel Food Cake and want to try to make it from scratch but the thought of throwing away the yolks bothers my frugal side.  My goal is to try Chef Todd's Angel Food Cake recipe using THRIVE Egg Whites.  With the Black Friday Sale, you're getting the equivalent of a dozen egg whites for $1.29/dozen (cheaper than a dozen eggs at the grocery store most of the time).

The Pie Fruit 6 Pack is an amazing deal at $163.89 and I shared about it already, here.

The Cheese Variety 6 Pack is a good deal as well at $202.89.  With 3 THRIVE (FD) Cheddar Cheese, 1 THRIVE (FD) Mozzarella Cheese, 1 THRIVE (FD) Colby Cheese, and 1 THRIVE (FD) Monterey Jack Cheese, buying these individually at Q Club Price would be $243.94.

Many of my customers have wanted to store grains, including wheat, but don't have a wheat grinder.  Or in the case of a real emergency, wonder how they will grind their wheat with the power out.  The Grain Mill Wheat Grinder at $44.99 is the answer.  After the sale, this will go back to it's Q Club price of $77.59 so you are saving 42% off that Q Club price!

Do you have your 72 hr kits put together?  One of the hardest parts for me is the thought of having to carry the amount of water I need for 72 hrs - that's heavy!  One solution:  carry some water, but also carry these Water Filtration Bottles.  At $14.99, you are saving 50% off!