Nov 17, 2012

Pie Fruit 6 Pack for $163.99 - Black Friday Sale ONLY

Introducing the Pie Fruit 6 Pack from Shelf Reliance! This package is ONLY available during the Black Friday Sale (11/23-11/26), while supplies last - so place your order quickly! The Pie Fruit Six Pack includes one #10 can each of: Sweet Cherries (FD), Blackberries (FD), Peach Slices (FD), Strawberries (FD), Banana Slices (FD), and Raspberries (FD).

If you purchased these THRIVE Fruits normally at Q Club prices, they would cost you $199.94; during the Black Friday Sale, the cost would be $194.84.  So take advantage of this low price while it is available!

To order this package, click on this link during the sale and add it to your cart during the Black Friday Sale Friday, Nov 23rd through Monday Nov 26th.  (The product page will not be active until the Sale.)

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These THRIVE Fruits have a  1 - 2 year opened shelf life and 25 year Unopened Optimum Shelf Life.  What a great way to add dessert to your home store!