Nov 19, 2012

Limited Time Special Pricing on Harvest 72" #10

I am super excited about this limited time special price on the Harvest 72" #10 Food Rotation System!  This is one of my favorite products!   Starting today through December 15th (or while supplies last), you can order this system through me for $229.00!  To get this pricing, you must order through me, not through my online store.  Retail price is $459.99 and the normal Q Club price is $264.99.  The Harvest 72" is part of the Black Friday Sale for $249.99.  The different between the two is the Harvest 72" will hold a variety of can sizes (see the link for details) while the Harvest 72" #10 is designed to hold all #10 cans.

The Harvest 72" #10 holds up to 112 gallon sized cans (#10 cans) and makes it easy for any member of your family (including my 5 y/o) to go get the item you're needing out of your home store.