May 6, 2014

Our boxes have arrived

Last week, I took advantage of host benefits I've earned as a Thrive Life Independent Consultant. That meant I got to order almost $400 in product and only pay shipping! I #LoveMyJob!  We watched all week for the email saying the order had shipped and when it came, the tracking information said the boxes would arrive on Wednesday.

Look what was waiting for me when we got home this afternoon?!  It's Tuesday, not Wednesday.
The girls couldn't wait to break into the boxes- at least they let me get the boxes inside first.
The big box had what they were looking for, but it took a little work to get inside since there were two sealed boxes inside the big box.
Found it!  This girl has been waiting since the new product announcements at convention for a can of the Classic Cookie Dough Mix.  She was a bit upset that I said no to making chocolate chip cookies for dinner so now she's declared we're making cookies as soon as we get home from soccer.
After pulling out the new products in the Bakery line, it was on to an assortment of fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and meat.
We built pyramids with our shipment.  I'll share as we experiment with the new products and recipes!