May 7, 2014

Is there REALLY a difference?

When I first started looking for more than rice, flour, and sugar in our home store (also known as food storage), I hesitated to buy anything because I was concerned about quality and taste.  Then I discovered that Thrive Life does home parties so I could try their products.  After tasting THRIVE Foods, I didn't look any further.  Just a few months later I became a consultant.

At times I have become tempted to take advantage of a competitor's sale.  Why?  To be honest, it's because THRIVE Foods are not the least expensive product out there.  But I never have given in.  Again, why?  Two reasons: 1) because as a consultant, I earn free and half-price products and you can't be less expensive than free; 2) I still don't know the quality from the competitor's.

Today, I discovered this You Tube video and knew I needed to share it.  There really IS a difference!

I know that Thrive Life places a lot of emphasis on quality.  As a consultant, I hear stories of shipments being rejected because the quality didn't match Thrive Life's standards.  Sometimes that means we run out of stock.  Sometimes, it means having to pay more to get the quality that does meet our standards.  Learn more about the quality of THRIVE Foods.

The quality of what I feed to my family is important!  I learned that when shopping at the grocery store, periodically trying a new brand (including generics) and learning which ones meet our family's standards and which one's don't.  The same is true with freeze dried foods.  They are not all the same!  For my family, Thrive Food IS the standard.