Nov 25, 2013

Earn Free Product during Black Friday Sale

Did you know that Black Friday is the biggest sale of the year for Thrive Life?  It could also be your best opportunity to earn free and half price products from Thrive Life!  Share the Thrive Life Black Friday sale with your friends and family and when they place an order, you earn free and half price product.  And they can even do the same by sharing with their friends and family.

What's the catch?  The biggest catch is you need to let me know who you've shared with so that I can tie their orders to you.  You can do this in one of several ways:

1)  "Host" an online Thrive Life party.  Invite your friends and family to RSVP via a party link I will create for you.  The RSVPs let me know the orders to tie to your party.

2)  Forward the Black Friday email I will provide you to your family and friends, and then let me know who you forwarded it to.  It can also be helpful if you ask in your email that after they place an order that they send me an email asking that their order be tied to you.

3) Share the link to my Black Friday Picker website ( via Facebook or other social media and ask your friends and family to contact me (email, phone, Facebook, etc) during the order process to tie their order to you.
And just like you have the opportunity to give me your order now (along with payment information) and I'll place it for you on Friday, your friends have that same opportunity..

How much free product can you get?  You'll earn 10% in free product for all orders tied to you, including your own order if you have 1 or more friends also place an order.  So if you place a $300 order taking advantage of these amazing prices, and a friend also orders $300, then you've earned $60 in free product.  If your "party"'s orders are over $400, you'll also earn 1/2 price product.

So start sharing, and earning!