Nov 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Emergency

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone this morning!

On a preparedness note, I'm being reminded the hard way that I really need to print out all my favorite recipes in case of emergency. 

Our emergency this morning is the wireless router died last night.  Fortunately, I can still connect to the internet, via a cord!  A cord!!!  Really?  When did I become so spoiled that I can't live without wireless connectivity?  So different from the Thanksgivings I grew up with, WITHOUT internet at all!  My kids had no idea but they're getting a taste today.  And let's not forget that that means Netflix currently can only stream on my laptop, while physically connected to the modem in my bedroom.  We've become quite spoiled around here.

So I need to start the rolls for our big meal today (but yet, I'm here typing instead).  And guess what!  My favorite roll recipe is not in my recipe box yet.  Apparently, I've only pinned it and read it off the laptop when I've made it in the past.  And any guesses on how I normally print?  You're right - wireless connection to my printer.  So I have now copied the recipe into a word document.  Next up, disconnect from the internet (unplug that network cable).  Find the connector cable for the printer and physically connect the laptop to the printer so I can print.  The trauma!

Now I know some of you may be thinking - just leave the recipe up on the screen and take the laptop to the kitchen and read it.  I could do that, yes.  BUT due to a dying battery on the laptop, I only get a few minutes before it needs to be plugged back in.  So in the end, it's actually easier to do the above scenario. 

So thankful this morning for the power of the internet, and that we have a work around!

Next up will be convincing my husband he can go wireless router shopping AFTER we get ready for hosting Thanksgiving today.  He is determined that I will be comfortably available for all my Black Friday customers and not have to be huddled on the floor of our bedroom placing orders. 

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