Apr 30, 2013

THRIVing Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

We have been very blessed with amazing teachers!  Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week so we've been getting prepared at our house.  And of course, I immediately thought of how to combine THRIVE Foods with Teacher Appreciation.  Here are some of the ideas I came up with.  You'll have to excuse my presentation and photography skills - they're improving but still lacking, especially when I know how creative some of you are.

First up is THRIVE FD Blueberries with the tag from Sweet Metel Moments I used last year with THRIVE FD Strawberries .

Next, a sweet, creative friend created this tag (this file also has the tag for the corn below) for me to use with THRIVE FD Peaches.

When I saw this idea for Father's Day, I knew I needed one for Teacher Appreciation - we're definitely bananas for our teachers.  Jill at Every Day is an Occasion was generous enough to update the tag for me.  Go check out her amazing talent!  I'm just in awe.  If you're bananas for your teacher, get her some THRIVE FD Banana Slices to go with Jill's tag.

I HAD to find something for one of my favorite snacks - THRIVE Pomegranate Yogurt Bites.  And when I spotted this tag from eighteen25 (perfect for attaching to the lid also), I knew it was perfect.  It's always a hard decision whether to share these or keep them to myself.

Have you tried THRIVE FD Sweet Corn straight from the can?  I know, I didn't want to try it either.  But then I did.  And it's amazing!  Here's how I eat the corn, in order of preference - #1 in soups, #2 straight from the can, and #3 rehydrated and heated as a side dish.  I couldn't find a tag that someone else had created so I asked on Facebook and my friend Tina created this super cute tag.  I LOVE it!  And if you're more creative than me, you could put do it with a cute background - I'm working on getting there. We definitely think our teachers are a-"maize"-ing!

eighteen25 also had this great printable which works great for any of our berries.  I chose the THRIVE FD Blackberries.  Notice that Certified Gluten Free sticker on the can!

An apple for the teacher is the tradition, but let's shake it up with THRIVE FD Granny Smith Apples or THRIVE FD Fuji Apples with this tag from Simply Sprout Education to let our teacher know she's the best!

And one last Berry, THRIVE FD Raspberries or THRIVE FD Organic Raspberries, to thank our teacher berry much.

We have two daughters in elementary school so only two teachers to appreciate right now.  And in case they're reading the blog, I'm going to let them keep guessing which one of these is for them.  Which one would the teacher(s) in your life like best?  I'm already starting to brainstorm for next year - maybe we'll do something for back to school instead of waiting for Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Where I could, I used Pantry Cans but the Peaches and Banana Slices came from my home store so they're #10 cans.  I love the Pantry Cans as a way to try something new, to give as gifts, and also to keep a variety in my kitchen without taking up as much space.