May 2, 2013

May Specials from Thrive Life and Snow in the Forecast

When I first saw the theme for the May specials, soups and sauces, I thought "It's May! It's time to start thinking warm temperatures, not soup!" Well, apparently Chef Todd and Thrive Life knew something I didn't and the joke is on me as I'm looking at the forecast for the next few days and it includes SNOW!  Some of the forecasts say little to no accumulation and other say several inches for my house.  I've saw one forecast that called for 10 inches at my sister's near Kansas City.  In May!  Part of me has this feeling we're going to get unexpectedly dumped on and then I wonder - what do we do if there's a snow day in May?  We only have two weeks left of school and I'd prefer to keep it that way.

So now on to the specials - These prices are good May 2nd through June 1st.  You can shop via my online store for the "Web" price on the flyer or email me to get the Q Club price on the flyer.