Dec 28, 2012

Price increases from Shelf Reliance

With the new year, new prices are coming as well as new shipping rates.  Many THRIVE foods are going up, but less than a dollar per #10 can.  I'm sharing with you today the THRIVE Foods and a few other products that are having a significant price jump (greater than $1 per #10 can).  The new prices and shipping rates go into effect on January 2nd so place an order by January 1st to take advantage of these lower prices and shipping rates.  After the price changes, you'll see a list of discontinued products as of January 2nd as well.

All of these prices are for #10 cans when ordering directly through me or for Q Customers.  Generally, if the price on the #10 can goes up, so does the price on the Pantry can, bucket and cases.  Contact me if you want to know the new price on a different size.
Product                               New Price           Current Price
Pears (FD)                          $39.09                 $26.99 (not in stock 12/24/12)
Broccoli (FD)                      $25.19                 $17.69
Green Bell Peppers (FD)     $18.99                 $14.09 (a December special)
Red Bell Peppers (FD)        $26.29                 $17.79
Millet                                  $13.19                  $10.09
Chopped Chicken (FD)      $42.29                  $34.39

Packages (increases over $10)
Cheese variety 6 Pack        $238.09                 $251.99
Freeze Dried Meat 6 Pk     $269.99                 $249.99
Kids 6 Pack                       $116.99                 $103.99
Mixed Berry 6 Pk               $187.99                $175.99
3 Month Fruit Pack            $315.99                 $327.99

For your Food Rotation Systems (Shelving)
Harvest Front Shelf 4 Pk      $49.99                  $42.24
Side Shelves (4 Pk)              $62.99                   $38.99

Note the Tomato Dices (FD) are currently $41.69 and going up to $44.49; but they will be on special in January for $39.79.