Jul 5, 2012

My Q Order: Whole Egg Powder @ $1.02/dozen

I sat down this afternoon to work on my Q order to update the shipment to take advantage of the July specials that I want in our home store.   My order will process some time between the 6th and the 8th this month so I've got to get it figured out today.

I had previously purchased a pantry can of the Whole Egg Powder to try it out and I've now used it a couple times in my baking.  So as I looked at the specials, I wondered if I should go ahead and buy the #10 can while it's on special.  So I decided to do some number crunching.
The numbers - regularly $1.15/dozen, on sale for $1.02/dozen

Normally, I can buy the #10 can of Whole Egg Powder, as a Q Club member, for $20.69.  That can has 216 servings, which are the equivalent of 1 egg each.  That means the equivalent of a dozen eggs is $1.15 per dozen.  I am a careful shopper at the grocery store, paying attention to prices, and that's a decent price for a dozen eggs.

With the July sale price of $18.39 for the #10 can, that's $1.02 per dozen eggs!  I'll take that!  It definitely seems like prices at the grocery store are going up and that includes eggs.  So not only will this save me money immediately as I use the Whole Egg Powder for baking, 6 months from now, it will probably be saving me even more.  THRIVE Foods can be a great investment!

What will I use the Whole Egg Powder for?
I'll definitely be using the Whole Egg Powder for the majority of my bakingAt that price, it's cheaper than I can normally buy fresh eggs.  Of course, I can't use the Whole Egg Powder for my fried eggs in the morning but they'll work for making cakes, muffins, scones, bread, and even for dipping pork chops in before dipping into Italian Bread Crumbs (one of my favorite ways to eat pork chops).

Long Shelf Life
One of the reasons I buy THRIVE Foods is the long shelf life without refrigeration.  Unopened, in proper storage conditions, the Whole Egg Powder has a life of 3 years.  And once I open it, the Whole Egg Powder, in proper conditions, is good for 1 year without being refrigerated.  That means that I am guaranteeing a price of $1.02/dozen for up to the next 3 years or until I run out of the Whole Egg Powder that I'm purchasing today.  Who knows what price a dozen eggs will be next summer?

I want eggs at $1.02/dozen!
If you are in the Q Club, add the Whole Egg Powder into your July shipment to take advantage of this great sale.  If you have not already set up a Q, you can learn more about setting one up here.  Not ready for a Q but still want to stock up on eggs?  You can get this price by contacting me at imthriving@gmail.com, or by calling me at 417-886-9489.  Rather do it on your own?  You can order the Whole Egg Powder for $19.19 (+shipping & taxes) for the #10 can (and other Shelf Reliance products) through my online store.  Other sizes are also available.

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