Jun 2, 2012

Shelf Reliance Roundup - Favorite Blog Posts 5/27-6/1

I spent much of yesterday working a garage sale and this morning was training to be a PTA Treasurer, which makes me beat.  I'm looking forward to some downtime!  So I've decided to let some others do the talking for me today.  I subscribe (in Google Reader and if you don't use a Reader, you're missing out!) by sharing with you the posts from other Shelf Reliance Consultants that I really enjoyed this week.

Chef Todd's Barbecue Beef Sliders - This recipe looks delicious and easy!  If you're going to have a home store, you need to enjoy it with delicious recipes!  I am becoming a BIG Chef Todd fan.  If you haven't watched any THRIVE LIVE events, go check them out here or on YouTube.  He definitely makes using food storage fun and easy!

Survival Kit Series Week #8: Protection from the Elements from Your Own Home Store.  Each week, Misty helps you build your emergency kit, step by step.  These week's focus is on taking shelter in an emergency and she's doing a giveaway for a sleeping bag which we recently discovered our 9 y/o needs a new one.

Source: Shelf Reliance Leaders
Emergency Products Review : Wing Stove and Esbit Pocket Stove from Shelf Reliance Leaders.  In addition to THRIVE Foods, Shelf Reliance offers a huge selection of emergency preparedness supplies.  Like you, I have limited resources to it's impossible for me to purchase and try everything, especially these first months as a Consultant.  So I love reading what others have to share.

Source: Shelf Reliance Leaders

New Product Review: Instant Milk, Scrambled Egg Mix, Egg White Powder, 10 Grain Pancake Mix from Shelf Reliance Leaders.  Heather reviews several of the new products in this blog post which I love because I haven't had a chance to try them yet.  In addition, I saved this one because I want to try the Strawberry Lemonade Meringue recipe at the bottom of the post.  There's also instructions for making a fruit syrup using the fruit powder that's left at the bottom of your cans - NO WASTE with Shelf Reliance!

Cupboard Door Food Storage Reference Chart from Cooking with My Food Storage.  Heather shared this chart she keeps on the inside of her cupboard door and it's perfect for using your food storage in recipes - no having to read the can or looking something up in a recipe book.  I have quite a few things attached to the inside of my cupboard doors and it's great!  Here's a link to Heather's chart in Google Docs.  I've printed this already and put it in my kitchen!
 Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios

Do you Know What You're Preparing For?  from Your Own Home Store.  Misty reminds us that you can't prepare for EVERYTHING at the same time - you have to define what you are preparing for so that you can get prepared for emergencies while you ENJOY life!  She references the book Survival Mom: How to Prepare Your Family for Everyday Disasters and Worst-Case Scenarios by Lisa Bedford As soon as I read her post, I immediately reserved the book from our local library.  I'll share a review once I finish the book.

What information did you find this week?