Jun 1, 2012

Product Feature: Freeze Dried Green Bell Peppers

I was so excited to see the June THRIVE Specials!  There are a number of items that I have been wanting to get that are on special this month (Like the THRIVE Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers).  I'm also partially kicking myself because in May's Q shipment, I ordered THRIVE Freeze-Dried Green Bell Peppers.  I'm not completely kicking myself because if I'd had to wait until June, I wouldn't have been able to make this yummy salad for our family Memorial Day gathering.

This is my favorite way to eat the FD Green Bell Peppers - break them up into bite size pieces, without rehydrating, and throw them on top of my salad.  Yum!  They give me the crunch that I love from a crouton plus that zing of a green pepper.

I've also used them as a simple snack, again without rehydrating.

As a pizza topping - I made a mushroom, onion and green pepper pizza when my Q order arrived but my pictures didn't turn out.  Next time, I promise!

And I will be using them in Fajitas, especially after I get my June Q order with those THRIVE Freeze Dried Red Bell Peppers.  Once my husband figures out that he can touch the food storage, I can see him adding these to his omelets and scrambled eggs.

Why use freeze dried rather than fresh?  For me and green bell peppers (and red ones too), it's because I'm not good about using the whole thing before it goes bad - I'll generally use half of it.  And my experiences with trying to freeze the remainder always ends with freezer burn.  THRIVE is my solution!