Jun 29, 2012

July 2012 Specials

 The July Specials have been announced and they are exactly what I was hoping to order this month for my Q order!  Be prepared for some wonderful THRIVE Breakfasts!  These Specials begin July 2nd and end August 1st.  Get your order placed today!

I have recently bookmarked a recipe for using the Pancake Mix to make the crust for chicken pot pie so the 10 Grain Pancake Mix is a definite on my list.  Another recipe I want to try is Chef Todd's Angel Food Cake and this Pavlova recipe from THRIVE Egg Whites.

My family does not care for the texture of fresh or frozen blueberries in baked goods like muffins and scones so I'm excited to try the THRIVE FD Blueberries to get the same nutrition and taste, but without the "slimey" texture.

Wishing you didn't have to move all your buckets around to get to the bucket you need?  The new Shelf Reliance Bucket Shelf is on special for July for as low as $84.99!

This month's Q-Pon is a great deal!  The THRIVE Express Variety Pack is regularly 84.99 for Q Club members and for July it's just $70.59 (this price is only available to Q Club members)!  Most of the THRIVE Express products take just 15 minutes to prepare, making them a convenient alternative to going out to eat when you're tight on time.  I love this THRIVE Express Commercial!  There's more information about THRIVE Express here, including FAQs and 3 videos about THRIVE Express.

Haven't started your Q yet?  I'm here to help!  Give me a call at (417) 886-9489 or send me an email and I'll get you set up today!  You pick your budget and shipment date that match your family's needs and you'll begin receiving monthly shipments of THRIVE Foods to build your home store.