May 14, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 5/14

We did so much better this past week on following our menu plan!  The only day we didn't was Friday when we got an unexpected evening without our girls so we take advantage of it for a date night, and we used a gift card we got for our birthdays. 

We are going to be out and about a LOT this week so our menu is almost non-existent.  For my frugal friends, we're being frugal by using coupons for Monday and on Tuesday, we're using a gift card from our birthdays and free kids meal coupons.

I will be using THRIVE Foods some this week but we're also going to be practicing preparedness skills by cooking without electricity and improving our fishing skills when we are camping this weekend.  I will admit though we will be using electricity to keep the cheese in for the lasagna.  I will not be showing off my skills, but rather learning/improving from my favorite expert - my Mom.  I'll be sure to share next week about all our adventures.  I'm sure that because we have a great menu planned, our girls are going to catch LOTS of trout so look for trout on the menu for next Monday (and soccer will be done!).

Monday - Soccer Team celebration (out for Pizza)

Tuesday - Eating Out (to watch Princess Smiles A Lot do a line dance at a restaurant)

Wednesday - Asian Pork Ribs,Yellow Squash, Strawberry Spinach Salad, Honey Quinoa Bread

Thursday - Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls (from THRIVE Cookbook), Scrambled Eggs and Fruit Salad

Friday - (Camping) - Sloppy Matt's (Uncle Matt's version of sloppy joes), chips, veggies, fruit, pie irons

Saturday - (Camping) - Lasagna in Dutch Oven, Dough Boys, Dump Cake in Dutch Oven

Sunday - Rotisserie Chicken in Crock pot, Baked Potatoes (in crock pot), Salad

What's on your menu?  Are you using any THRIVE this week? 

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