May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day!
Me with Mom
I am blessed with a wonderful mom who has taught me so many things and encourages me all the time. She is also an incredible grandmother to my girls and spoils them rotten and introduces them to experiences I never could on my own.
Can you believe this beautiful woman in 94?!
I have been blessed with a Nana (my maternal grandmother) who has always been a great example. I love that my daughters are building a relationship with her and carrying on the tradition of playing cards at Nana's.

My Mother-in-Law is an amazingly strong woman. She carries her burdens with ease because of her testimony in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her love of family. Her journaling encourages me to improve my own recording of our family.

Me and my sister
I have a sister who is also my best friend and 4 wonderful sisters-in-law who I treasure.

On top of all this, Heavenly Father has seen fit to put so many "sisters", friends, and extra "mothers" in my life. I am surrounded by examples that I try my best to emulate. Thank you to all of you for your examples, encouragement and love! You are my inspirations!  May you each have the Mother's Day you desire.

For those who may be struggling this day, my thoughts and prayers are with you. For so many years, I HATED Mother's Day. It was a reminder of all that I wished for and didn't have. I am so grateful for all the love and direction all the women in our lives give my daughters! You are a great influence on my children and I thank you for it!
Princess Naked Toes and Princess Smiles A Lot
 Finally, I must thank Princess Smiles-A-Lot and Princess Naked Toes.  You are my joy and my heart!  I am so grateful every day to be your mom!