Apr 19, 2014

Challenge Accepted: Looking for 10 Hosts

I've accepted a challenge to book 10 parties by May 1st so I'm on the hunt for at least 10 hosts to book a party!  Are you one of my 10?  If I meet my goal, those hosts with a booked party will be put into a drawing for $50 in free product!

If you are near Springfield, MO (within 90 minutes), or in St. Louis, Kansas City, or Kirksville, MO, I am available to do a home tasting in your home (or designated location).  If you don't live in one of those areas, talk to me about doing a catalog or online party.  Contact me today to get your Party on the calendar!

What are the benefits to hosting a Thrive Life party?
Hosting a party is fun and easy.  With a home tasting party, you and your friends will see how easy it is to prepare great tasting THRIVE recipes and how THRIVE foods compare to fresh.
  • Free productGet 10% of the total sales from your party, with no minimum sales requirement. For instance, if your party sales total is $800, you will receive $80 in free product at retail price.
  • Half off productsFor example, if your party total is $800, you will be able to purchase $150 worth of product at half off the retail price (so you’ll get $150 in product for only $75).
  • Extra SavingsAnother $100 in half off product for every party that’s booked at your party.
  • Double DipA promotion that allows guests to count the amount of their purchase at a party toward their own party if they decide to host, in addition to counting toward your party total!
  • Triple Q BenefitsMultiply the product total of every first Q shipment by 3 when adding it to your party total, because customers agree to stay on the Q for 3 months at their chosen budget.

Check out more information on hosting a party and the benefits here.