Oct 13, 2012

Technical difficulty = Limited access

It seems to be one of my life mottos is to make what I've got work, until it doesn't.  I've had lots of fun since starting this business when I present at a Shelf Reliance Party and bring along my laptop, it's power cord (because the battery won't hold a charge), and a keyboard (because the space bar broke).  After months and months of making it work, my husband and I finally decided to send it in for repairs under the service contract.  But it was a quick decision so now I'm without my laptop to share on the blog.  I am borrowing my husband's laptop tonight to prep posts about several specials coming up on Monday.  With my husband's schedule, his laptop just hasn't been available for me to hop on here when I was available.

In the meantime, I am using my Kindle Fire for email, Facebook and processing orders so you can still contact me with questions and orders!  I just haven't figured out how to get Blogger to let me write a blog post.  So please have patience with me as we await my laptop's triumphant return!  And watch for those specials starting Monday (Oct 15th) - they both end Nov 10th or while supplies last.