Jun 8, 2013

Limited Time Promotions for Water Storage - H2O Reserve 20 Pack for $106.99

Last summer, a customer called with questions about water storage and knowing little about it myself, I did some research and shared what I learned.  A year later, I'm still grateful for the prompting through this customer to learn more about water storage and I'm also excited whenever Thrive Life offers promotions on water storage options.

Today, there are 3 new limited time promotions relating to water storage!  These three promotions are NOT available through my online store so you'll need to contact me to place your order.  These limited time promotions are good through Saturday, June 22nd so place your order today!

Orders of these packages do count toward host benefit rewards; however, host benefits may not be redeemed to purchase these packages. These packages are not available in Canada. These packages are available in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. An additional Shipping fee will apply to these areas and can be determined with shipping addresses. Please contact me for quotes and to place your order.

Here's the first of the three promotions:

The H2O Reserve 20 Pack is on special for $106.99.  You may remember this being on special back in March.  Our water storage is in this style of container currently.  The package includes:
20 - 5-gallon H2O Reserve bladders and boxes
1 - Pump with Filter (100 gal. capacity)
1 - Replacement Filter (100 gal. capacity)
2 - Filter Cap Adapters

Each Package holds 5 gallons of water so with this package, you'll be able to store 100 gallons of water.  What do I like about these?  I like that once the boxes are put together and filled with water, they are stackable.  I also like the spouts on the mylar bag that allow you to dispense water without having to take the bag out of the box.  But what's even better is that with this package, you get the pump making it super easy to actually use the water!

The video below demonstrates using the H2O Reserve and the pump.