Apr 10, 2013

Limited Time Promotion on H2O Reserve 20 Pack

Thrive Life announced another limited time promotion today - the H2O Reserve 20 Pack for $106.99 through April 20th!  Normally you can get this package through me for $136.99.  This is an unadvertised package, available only through consultants and is not available in my online store (although the H2O Reserve 5 Pack is).  To order, email me at imthriving@gmail.com.

The H20 Reserve 20 Pack contains:
  20 – 5 gallon H2O Reserve Bladders and Boxes  
·  1 – Pump with Filter (100 ga. capacity)
·  1 – Replacement Filter (100 ga. capacity)
·  2 – Filter cap adapters

The Shelf Reliance H2O Reserve is the perfect way to store your long term water supply.  Each heavy-duty Mylar bag holds five gallons of water and comes with a built-in easy pouring spout. The Mylar bag stores in the reserve box for convenient storage.

Our local Utility company says the average usage is 50 gallons/person/day.  The recommended minimum amount to store is 1 gallon/person/day, which basically means only using water when you have to.  I definitely want more than 1 gallon per person per day in our water storage!