Apr 10, 2013

Limited Time Promotion on Fuel Reserve 90 Pack

 Fuel Reserve 90 Pack
I'm excited to share with you the latest limited time promotion from Thrive Life!  The Fuel Reserve 90 Pack is available for $65.99 until Saturday, Apr 20th.  With a retail price of $119.99, normally you can buy this product through me for $79.99.  This product may not be available at this price through my online store so call or email me to get this limited time price!

The  Fuel Reserve 90 Pack provides you with a supply of Quickfire Fuel Pucks™, an ideal fuel source for starting fires or fueling portable wood-burning stoves during camping, hiking, or any emergency situations.

• Made of cedar and highly refined paraffin wax
• Easy to light, with 30–45 minute burn time
• Will boil water in under 5 minutes
• Perfect for cooking and starting fires
• Great emergency heat/fuel source for any conditions
• Non-toxic for indefinite storage
• Can be extinguished and re-lit
• Easily broken into smaller pieces for shorter burn times
• Puck dimensions: 1” tall x 4” diameter (3.5 oz)

Using a match, light the edge of the Quickfire Fuel Puck™. In windy conditions, try breaking a piece off of the disk and lighting it on top of the remaining disk. The disk can be extinguished by smothering it to remove the oxygen source, and can be re-lit by placing a match on top of the previously burned area. Can boil water in 5 minutes