Mar 20, 2013

Winter Storm Coming?

Photo: A late season winter storm will impact extreme southeastern Kansas and the Missouri Ozarks Thursday into Thursday night. Moderate to heavy snowfall is expected on Thursday...with the highest snow accumulations occurring from the Stockton Lake region...southeast towards Gainesville and West Plains. Lighter amounts are expected elsewhere across the Missouri Ozarks and extreme southeastern Kansas. A wintry mix of snow and freezing drizzle is then expected Thursday night. A Winter Weather Advisory has been posted for most of the area Thursday and Thursday night.

Is it really going to snow tomorrow?  My husband's theory is that since the forecast is for 5-ish inches (the number keeps changing), we're either going to get zip OR we're going to get dumped.  My mom pointed out that growing up here our biggest snowstorms were often at the end of March (except the year that school was canceled basically the entire month of January).

Either way, I've got a decent stock of THRIVE Foods to eat if we need it which meant no last minute trip to the grocery store today for me.  But I did make a run to Lowe's for some home improvement projects to do while we're snowbound.  In fact, I sent my husband, then I went, and then I sent my husband again.  I hope that means I didn't jinx us to have nothing on the ground tomorrow - I'm kind of hoping for a good snowfall.  It's been SO long since we've had a good snowfall that my girls could go build a snowman.  The last "snow" when my 6 y/o went out to make a snow angel, I called it a grass angel because she basically just brushed the snow away to show the grass.

When the forecast calls for a winter storm, do you rush to the grocery store and hope they haven't run out of the items you need?  The latest I've heard is that grocery stores tend to carry just a 3 day supply - which means when we all go to stock up, someone's going to be facing an empty shelf.  That's where having a home store comes in so handy!  One approach is to pick a family favorite recipe and then convert the ingredients to THRIVE freeze-dried foods and purchase those items.  In an emergency, you'll know you can always make that recipe/meal and you're family will be happy to eat it.  A lot of the recipes you see here on this blog come from when I do that for my family.

Now I'm off to make sure we've cleaned out the garage and can move the vehicles inside.  With all the home improvement projects we're doing, and packing up boxes, the garage has been a storage unit and workshop more than a garage lately.  That is changing tonight because I do NOT want to have to clean snow and/or ice off my van!