Mar 14, 2013

Why can't I put the Fuji Apples in my cart?

Question:  I was trying to put a #10 can of Fuji Apples in my shopping cart through your online store and it won't let me.  Help!

Question:  I thought I had several #10 cans of Broccoli in my Q and now it's not showing and I can't add them.  Help!

A few months ago, Shelf Reliance changed how it handled back ordered items to differentiate between out of stock and back order.  This is to prevent a customer having an item on back order for months and wondering if they're ever going to get the rest of their order.  Here's the official word from Shelf Reliance:

Items go on backorder when we run out of a product but expect to receive inventory in the near future (usually within a few weeks).  If an item in your order is on backorder, you will receive a slip in your package that states the backorder items and when we expect to have them back in stock. Those items will be shipped to you as soon as possible. Because we are expecting inventory soon, we do not remove backordered items from Q shipments, or make them unavailable to add to shopping carts on the website.
When we run out of inventory of a product and do not expect to receive more stock for a significant amount of time, that item goes out of stock. Out of stock items are made unavailable for purchase on the website, extracted from all Q shipments, and hidden from the Q until they come back in stock. When a product goes out of stock, we will post a newsfeed to notify consultants.
The current list of backordered and out of stock items is always displayed at  This page is updated at least once a week and displays the date it was last updated at the top of the page. Please check this page often to keep informed about products that are backordered or out of stock.
We are continually working to improve our inventory process to provide better service for our consultants and customers. We thank you for your patience when we have occasional items on backorder or out of stock. We are dedicated with providing you with the very best products and service our resources can provide. Thank you for working with us!

So if you face the situation posed in the questions above, you can check the BackOrder page to see if the item you're wanting is Out of Stock.