Dec 14, 2012

To Do vs To Be

For the past few months, it seems my To Do list has been limitless in its length.  I keep working my way through it but it doesn't seem to be getting any shorter; or when it does, it's just because I've forgotten a couple things or misplaced the master list.  During my morning meditation the past few days, the Spirit has been reminding me that as much as the things on my To Do list are important, the To Be list is also important.  I almost said more important but often times during that morning meditation with the Lord in prayer and scripture study, He leads me to things that need to be on my To Do list - so I know that I can't ignore it.  With today's tragedy in Connecticut, it's re-emphasizing that my To Be's are more important than the To Do's.

So what's on my To Do list?
Learning to play the organ (I was recently called as the ward organist at church)
Blog posts galore
PTA Treasurer responsibilities
Cleaning my house
Christmas shopping
4th grade homework (with my daughter) - I'm so looking forward to Christmas break!
But we're talking about the To Be list.  Here are some of the things I wrote yesterday (before today's tragedy)...

To Be:

A resource for my team, customers, friends and family, and others for information on preparedness, including how to use THRIVE Foods.

An example that business is not #1, that my family is more important (brought home with today's tragedy many miles away)

Prepared - not just temporally with food storage and other emergency supplies, but spiritually and mentally.

Patient - working and waiting on the Lord's timetable.

One of the areas that I have felt sliding is this blog.  Not only have I not been writing like I intend and want to, but the posts have been focused on selling.  I don't think of myself as a salesperson.  That is NOT on my To Be list.  What is on my To Be list is to be a resource - to my customers, friends and family, and others.  That's the point of this blog - to share how I'm preparing and also how I'm using THRIVE Foods.  The reason so many posts have focused on prices is because I want to be resource to getting you the best prices from Shelf Reliance and with my crazy schedule, I've just had time to get that information out.  One of my goals for the new year is to get back into my focus on sharing how I'm using THRIVE.  I have a new series I'll be sharing (pictures are done, just need to work on the posts).

I know that being a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant is what I am supposed to be doing.  If I ever have a moment of doubt, Heavenly Father has sent me a message of encouragement - a new customer, someone expressing interest, etc.  I am most successful when I do it on the Lord's timetable and have patience.  And the reason I started this business was not for me to feel any self-worth or importance.  It was to reach goals for my family - one being to build up our emergency fund and another top one is to provide funding for vacations for my family to bond and to build memories.  My business is not the most important thing in my life; my relationship with my Heavenly Father, and my family are at the top of my list.  I love that with Shelf Reliance, I get to set the terms of my business - when I work, how much I work and where I work.  Sometimes, I do need reminders of this, like when I'm trying to write a blog post, or an email newsletter, and my daughters are wanting my attention.  So although I feel I'm doing okay about not letting the business be more important than my family, I'm not perfect at this.

I know that my To Do's are important and I'll continue to work on them, but I've got to start focusing on the To Be's more.  And when I live with the right balance, I will THRIVE both in my life and in my business.

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