Nov 30, 2012

Early arrival in time for dinner

One of the things I love about Shelf Reliance THRIVE Foods is how it can save a meal so quickly.  So often, I go to make a recipe and discover I'm missing an ingredient.  There are 3 solutions - go without that ingredient, change what I'm making, or make a last minute run to the grocery store.  With THRIVE, I get a fourth solution - pull from my home store!

Earlier this week, I was craving chinese food (I've been watching all the old seasons of Law and Order and they eat a lot of chinese food creating a craving for me).  So I did a little browsing and decided to prepare this Sesame Chicken recipe from one of my favorite bloggers for dinner.  This was a last minute dinner decision, and I did not have any green onions.  I had just ordered the new THRIVE Freeze Dried Green Onions but they hadn't arrived and I didn't expect them for another day or two.  As I was prepping for dinner, my husband called out - there's a FedEx truck in front of our house and my excitement built up!  Not only did they bring my Harvest 72" #10 (I finished assembling it yesterday), I also got my THRIVE FD Green Onions, just in time to add to the Sesame Chicken!

I quickly read the rehydration instructions - "Put THRIVE Green Onions into a small strainer and run under a gentile stream of cold water for about 20 seconds.  Drain and pat dry with a towel."   I put some green onions in my small strainer and ran it under the faucet.  Note to myself (and you) - Try using the sprayer instead of the regular faucet, with the water barely on, for a more gentle stream.
I dumped the rehydrated green onions on a paper towel and let them drain while I finished putting dinner together.  I thought they looked a little smashed up due to the heavy stream of water I used, thus the note above to try the sprayer.  

And then it was time to eat.  Delicious!  Definitely will be using this product again and again!  And no more green onions in my produce drawer going bad because I only used a stalk or two.