Nov 2, 2012

November Specials!!

Just over 10 years ago, we first learned about celiac's disease because a new friend had it; basically someone with Celiac's can not eat any wheat products.  Over the years, we've learned more and more and had more friends discover they have either celiac's or a gluten intolerance.  The biggest thing I have learned is that you can't take ingredients for granted.  When dealing with a food allergy, you have to read and re-read labels.  I made a taco dip for my friend recently and discovered that some brands of salsa and sour cream actually have a form of wheat in them.  Another tip I learned was that often oats are processed in the same plant as wheat so there can be some cross-contamination.  You may notice on some foods you buy that it will say processed in facility that also processes wheat, nuts, etc. - that indicates the possibility of cross-contamination.  And if you're dealing with a food allergy, that is as important to know as the actual ingredients of a product.

Because of our limited experience (I am definitely NOT an expert on food allergies including wheat/gluten), I was excited to learn about Shelf Reliance's efforts to get gluten-free certifications on many of the THRIVE Foods.  When you receive your THRIVE shipments, you may start to notice stickers or a stamp labeled as Gluten Free.  This indicates they have been processed in the gluten-free facility.  If you want/need more details on the Gluten Free status of THRIVE Foods, please contact me and I will get you the information you need.

This month, Shelf Reliance's specials are focused on Gluten Free! 
Pricing listed in flyer is for #10 cans. Click on picture or contact me for this month's special prices on other sizes.

If you are like me and have friends who are gluten intolerant, having a collection of gluten-free recipes can come in handy for dinners and parties.  Chef Todd is sharing 4 Gluten-Free recipes this month.  These will be featured on the November episode of THRIVE Live (which will be broadcast on the THRIVE Live website on November 13th at 6:30 pm Central Time/5:30 pm Mountain).  Here are links to the recipes he'll be demonstrating: