Sep 6, 2012

Back to School = Back to Work and Starter Kit Sale

Update 9/6/12 - there's just a week left in the Starter Kit Sale so get started today!  For this post I focused on the starter kit sale but I wanted to let you know there are just two requirements to be a consultant with Shelf Reliance - get a kit, and have a $50 monthly Q ($50 in product, plus shipping and tax).

Back to school time is also Back to Work time for me!  I've taken much of the summer off to focus on my family while continuing to service my customers.  That's one of the top things I love about being a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant - controlling my own schedule.  But now that the girls are back in school, and the PTA budget is done, I am ready to focus on building my business again.

Are you interested in earning some extra income while at the same time preparing your family for the future?  Do you like to eat delicious foods and share recipes with others?  Maybe you're looking for a way to work from home on your own schedule.  Shelf Reliance meets all those goals and more!  And NOW is the time to get started and join my team!

From now through September 14th, all Consultant Starter Kits are on sale!

There are 4 kits to choose from:
Consultant Starter Kit for $199 + tax and shipping- NOW $159.20
Consultant Value Starter Kit for $289 + tax and shipping  NOW $231.20
Consultant Deluxe Starter Kit $579 + tax and shipping - NOW $463.20
Super Deluxe Starter Kit $899.99 + tax and shipping - NOW $719.99

What's in the kits?

If you read this blog often, you know I like to crunch numbers.  So here's a number for you:  $315.34.  That's how much you would spend to buy the majority of the items in the Value Starter Kit (and that's not getting everything).  So at $231.20 (plus shipping & tax), you're getting a good deal.  If I were to become a consultant today, I would get the Value kit.

What about the Consultant Starter Kit?  That's the kit that I started with.  The great thing about it is that it comes with your choice of 2 entrees and 2 smoothie pouches which are prepackaged sample packs.  So to make the chicken salad, you open two pouches (one is chicken and the other the vegetables).  If you get one of the larger kits, you don't get these sample packs.  This is great when you're starting out and becoming familiar with the foods.

Click here for details on your Earning Potential.

To get started, contact me at 417-886-9489.  I look forward to you joining my team!