Sep 6, 2012

Join My Team Bonus

Have you heard about the great sale on the Shelf Reliance Consultant Starter Kits?  Through Sept. 14, 2012, all Starter Kits are 20% off!  To be a Consultant requires only 2 things - a starter kit and an active minimum $50 Q ($50 in product, plus shipping and tax).  As a consultant, you can earn money, free product and the ability to purchase items at half price.  For more details on the commission plan, check out your earning potential here.

More Motivation - an I'm THRIVing Bonus!

Need more motivation that NOW is the time to start your business?  While the starter kit sale is going on through September 14th, I am also offering a bonus to those who join my Shelf Reliance team!  When you sign up under me and schedule 3 parties in your first 30 days, I will  provide you with 2 additional items not included in your starter kit.  These items are perfect for party presentations.

First in the I'm THRIVing! bonus is the Cansolidator Cupboard.  With the same First In First Out philosophy of the free-standing Shelf Reliance Food Rotation Systems, it easily fits inside your kitchen cupboards.
Next, choose between a Pantry Can of your favorite flavor of THRIVE Yogurt Bites OR a Pantry can of the THRIVE Freeze-dried Cheddar Cheese.  

The yogurt bites are one of my family's favorite snacks.  I personally don't like yogurt but LOVE these.  My daughters and husband are also addicted to them.  For personal use, I love that I can send them in lunch boxes and what they don't eat is still good for the next day (unlike sending regular yogurt).  As a consultant, these are super easy and DELICIOUS for sampling.   The THRIVE Yogurt Bites come in 7 flavors: Cherry, Vanilla, Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry, Passion fruit, or Pomegranate.
Your other option is the THRIVE Freeze-Dried Cheddar Cheese.  At parties, you will want to let your host and guests sample this cheese reconstituted, but also in it's freeze dried form.  It is delicious either way.  Melt some of the reconstituted cheese between two tortillas for a quick and delicious sample recipe.  Your guests will be amazed at how easily it melts, and the great taste!
To get started, or for more information, give me a call at 417-886-9489 today!