Jul 25, 2012

Credit Card Information Protections

We've all either heard the stories from friends or experienced it ourselves.  Someone has gotten your credit card (or debit card) number and used it.  I know that I am always hesitant to give out my credit card information to an individual, to write it on an order form that someone else takes with them, or to type it in on a website that I'm not so familiar with.  And this is always in my mind when taking someone's Shelf Reliance order so I thought I would share with you some of my experience with Shelf Reliance and credit cards.

With one of my first non-Q orders, I logged on to Shelf Reliance and entered the order information and credit card information.  But once I got to the last page and was on the phone with the customer, they changed their mind about what they wanted to order.  So I went back to the order page, which was well before the payment information page.  So as I moved forward again, the credit card information wasn't there anymore.  Fortunately, I had it written down so I didn't have to go back to the customer to read it to me again.  But it made me feel good to know that the information wasn't saved.  The next step was my shredding my notes containing their credit card information.

My next experience involved a repeat customer, but not a Q Customer.  Even though we had successfully completed an order previously, the credit card information was not saved in Shelf Reliance customer database so I had to get that information from the customer again.  Hmm, sometimes I could see a customer getting annoyed that they always have to give the information, asking "Didn't you save that?" but I have my answer ready "For your protection, Shelf Reliance does not save that information and neither do I".

My most recent experience involved having to work with Shelf Reliance's Customer Service on a repeat customer's order.  There was an error in the credit card number and we wondered if it was a simple transposition error on my part.  So the Customer Service Representative looked in their order database to see if it was there.  The previous order was there BUT the credit card information was NOT.  I ended up having to go back to the customer and we found the transposition error that way.

In all my experiences, credit card information is protected.  The only credit card information that is saved is for Q customers.  Although it may be inconvenient at times, I feel good working with a company that is so protective of your information.  And so I follow their example and destroy anything I have with credit card information after an order has been placed.