Jun 20, 2012

I know I should - but WHAT should I buy? Part 2

This is a 3 post series breaking down what THRIVE foods we should have in our home store into 6 categories.  They are based on the THRIVE Shopping List plus my personal experiences.  Yesterday, in Part 1, we went over foods that your family likes to snack on and the foods that take a long time to prepare.

Today's focus is on the next 2 categories - Foods I commonly throw away and Foods I commonly run out of.  My family loves for me to focus on the snack foods from THRIVE that we talked about yesterday.  And I do buy a few things in the category of items that take a long time to prepare.  But the foods I commonly throw away were some of my first purchases.

Foods I commonly throw away

The phrase "the most expensive food is the food you throw away" has stuck in my head since I joined Shelf Reliance.  I hear it every time I go to clean out my fridge and I throw away leftovers or even worse foods that we had planned to eat and didn't get around to.  One wonderful benefit of THRIVE Freeze dried foods is that you only use what you need and the rest does not go bad!  Most THRIVE foods have an opened shelf life of 1-2 years and an unopened shelf life of 25 years, giving you plenty of time to use it!

I've talked about it several times already on this blog as well...

Spending More Can Save You Money <<< Celery
What a Waste <<< Yogurt
Product Feature: Green Bell Peppers <<< Bell Peppers
Product Feature: Tomato Powder <<< Tomato Paste/Tomato Powder

So what foods should you include in your THRIVE Shopping List?  Anything that you would often throw away before eating.  If you love Blueberry muffins but don't eat all the blueberries before they go bad, put them on your list.  Or maybe you're like me and the only one who eats mushrooms on their pizza so the rest of the mushrooms go bad.  THRIVE is a great solution!

Foods I commonly run out of.
For years, I have been building up a basic home store - flour, sugar, white rice, so these are not things I, personally, run out of.  But if you're just getting started, that may be something you experience and THRIVE has those Basics as well as the freeze dried foods that tend to be my focus.  So what do I run out of?  Eggs.  Butter/Margarine.  Cheese.  Milk.  So guess what are on my Shopping List (in my Q food plan)?

Whole Egg Powder
Butter Powder
Instant Milk
Freeze Dried Cheddar Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, and Colby Jack Cheese

Now I'm covered when I go to make something and discover we're out of an essential ingredient.  The only restriction is with the cheese - it needs to be rehydrated and sit overnight before using in most recipes to get the best texture.  What do you run out of?  Add it to your Shopping List.

Tomorrow, we'll go over Family Favorite Recipes and What do you NOT want to buy.