Jun 18, 2012

Dinner Menu Plan - 6/18

What a busy and fun week last week!  Thursday was a lot of family time as we celebrated my brother's graduation.  Then Saturday afternoon, we attended the local Parade of Homes.  It is amazing how I can walk through an $890,000 house and honestly say I would NOT buy it (assuming I had that kind of money) - in reality it had 3 bedrooms.  Really?!  Now the $1.3M house - LOVED it!  It had tons of unique areas AND 7 bedrooms, plus a bonus room that my daughters declared would be their room.  And the view from the Master Bedroom!  If you added water and rotated it just a little West so I could see the storms coming in, I would declare it perfect!  So if anyone would like to donate to a fund to buy that home, we'll let you :)

We are doing better and better about sticking to the menu plan, and it's making a difference.  My husband and I are both talking about wanting smaller dinners and bigger breakfasts.  I seem to feel better overall when I do that.  Fortunately, I eat almost the same thing everyday for breakfast - 2 eggs overeasy, 2 pieces of toast (or an english muffin) and a glass of lactose-free milk.  So no menu planning involved there.

So what are we going to eat this week for dinner?  With lots of leftovers last week that we needed to eat, rather than waste, I have two meals to carry over to this week.  I also have not had a chance to try the Quinoa Pancakes so we're going to try that again this week.

Monday - Honey Ginger Glazed Tilapia (I'll be using Flounder), Rice, Roasted Green Beans, Pears (postponed from last week)

Tuesday - Sloppy Matts, Chips, Cole Slaw (postponed from last week)

Wednesday - Shredded Chicken sandwiches (using leftover BBQ Chicken from Sunday), Salad, Secretly Healthy Chocolate Cake

Thursday - Quinoa Pancakes, sausage, fruit

Friday - Cheesy Chicken Pasta Bake (recipe coming), salad

Saturday - Hot Dogs, Corn on the Cob, fruit

Sunday - Brisket, Baked Potatoes, apple turnovers

What's on your menu?  Are you using any THRIVE this week? 

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