May 7, 2012

Menu Plan Monday - 5/7 to 5/13/2012

With a last minute trip to the pediatrician on Thursday, we once again had changes to our menu plan from last week.  BUT the menu plan is saving us from impulse runs through the drive thru and so did having sandwich fixings in the refrigerator.  We discovered that my 9 y/o, aka Princess Smiles-a-Lot, and I really like having sliced cucumber on our sandwiches.  Makes them yummy!  So this week has the carry over of Bulkokee and gamja jorin.

I did experience Quinoa - both making it and eating some.  That post will be coming up tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'll just say that we'll be making some changes.

I have tons of lettuce and spinach in my garden that we need to be eating so we'll have salads multiple times this week.  You may notice there's not any fruit listed in the menu - I'm hoping to find strawberries on sale and we'll be eating lots of those this week.  If not, I'll grab some fresh fruit and add it to the table as we go.

Monday - Pizza and salad.  Once again, it's soccer practice night and there are storms forecasted.  We really need to practice so we'll see what Coach Tim says this afternoon.  Pizza, though, will work whether we're eating at home or at the field.  I'm going to try this new Pizza Sauce recipe using my THRIVE Tomato Powder.

Tuesday - Lasagna Casserole and Salad.  Wondering if I can slip in some veggies into the Lasagna.  Read a post last week that disagreed with hiding vegetables, and I agree that that should not be your only way of eating veggies.  But if I can slip in some extra nutrients from hidden vegetables from my THRIVE stash without my family complaining about a change in taste, I'm all for it.  We'll also have veggies on the side in our salad.

Wednesday - Korean night:  Bul-ko-kee, gamja jorin  Postponed from last week.  I've made Bul-ko-kee a lot but the gamja jorin (Korean potatoes) will be an experiment and surprise for my husband who served his LDS Mission to Korea.

Thursday - Brown Sugar Glazed Pork Roast, Hashbrown Casserole

Friday - Tacos.  Our family LOVES tacos.  Click here to get the taco seasoning recipe I use (about mid-post).

Saturday - Biscuits and Sausage Gravy.  With our Mother's Day celebration being at noon, I'm going to ask for my mother's day breakfast to be dinner on Saturday so that I have room for lunch on Sunday.  My husband is getting pretty good with his homemade biscuits and my mom's sausage gravy recipe.

Sunday - Mother's Day:  Asian BBQ Chicken,  Coleslaw, Pie, Green Bean Casserole.  We're hosting for Mother's Day with my Mom, my Nana, my brother with his wife and boys, my SIL's mother and maybe my SIL's grandmother.  My husband and brother are the only men (not counting those 12 and under).  But since it's mother's day, I don't want to be the primary chef for the day.  So I'm going to ask for Asian BBQ Chicken because my husband can grill it for me.  We're doing lunch because of our church schedule (from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm).

What's on your menu?  Are you using any THRIVE this week? 

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