May 5, 2012

Some favorite Shelf Reliance blogs

It's Saturday and I am away all day learning how to be a PTA Treasurer - wish me luck!  This is requiring a 3 hour (one way) drive at 4:30 in the morning and back home again in the late afternoon.  On Sunday, I'll be traveling again, another 3 hour one way drive to participate in the Kansas City Temple Dedication.  I'll also get to spend some time with one of my BFFs - my sisterTo keep it simple but still share Shelf Reliance tips, today's post is a list of my favorite Shelf Reliance blogs.

I subscribe to quite a few Shelf Reliance blogs.  Some are focused on training Shelf Reliance Independent Consultants, which has been really helpful to me.  Others are focused on product and sales highlights.  And others like to share recipes.

My favorite sites for recipes:

Cooking With My Food Storage

Carolina Food Storage

Why just eat when you can THRIVE?
Thrive Quick Dish

Next week, I'll be talking about what it means to be a Shelf Reliance Independent Consultant and I'll share my favorite training sites with you there.

Finally, I have to share with you this post by Your Own Home Store from this week.  It is an amazing summary of water storage.  I KNOW I will be referring to this post a lot as I work to improve our water storage.

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