Jun 23, 2014

Lunch-sparked memories

My Dad with my oldest at her first birthday party in 2004
Most of the years I was growing up, my dad worked at a local television station (behind the scenes).  It was one of our favorite activities to go to work with Dad.  We would take turns, and it was a guaranteed argument if you went two times in a row before one of the other two went.  A normal day with Dad usually meant riding behind him on the motorcycle for 45-60 minutes to get to work, arriving about 3 pm.  We could explore the station within reason, which included sitting at the anchor desk pretending to give the news.  The station also had a swimming pool for employees and their families to use during the summer.  Mom would occasionally bring us in to swim and then we'd all go visit Dad.  Those visits would mean all 3 of us at the anchor desk, or playing with the "invisibility blanket" used to do the weather forecast.  Great memories!

One visit I made with Dad there was a huge buffet of pizza in the employee breakroom.   I think it must have been a telethon or some big event because the station didn't normally provide meals.  Being a picky kid, I only ate cheese pizza.  Being a lunch for adults, there wasn't any cheese pizza.  So I gave in and tried a piece of sausage and mushroom pizza.  It immediately became my favorite pizza (until I discovered Hawaiian pizza in college).
Today's sausage and mushroom pizza

So why am I going down memory lane today?  As I prepped my lunch today, I was thinking how wonderful it is that I never run out of mushrooms and I'm not dealing with mushrooms going bad in my fridge.  That is thanks to Thrive FD Mushrooms.  I decided to add some FD Sausage because it's so easy to to just sprinkle the amount I want on my pizza and then put the can back in the cupboard.  As the sausage was added, I was reminded of that first slice of sausage and mushroom pizza, and times with my Dad.  Dad died in 2009  and I find so many foods that trigger memories of him.  Today I get to thank Thrive for triggering one.

What foods trigger memories for you?