Jan 3, 2014

January 2014 Specials from Thrive Life

With a new year, many of us are evaluating and setting goals for 2014. Is preparedness one of your goals? I can't talk enough about how having a Q (monthly shipments of Thrive Foods) has moved us forward on our goal of a 1 year food store in our home! It keeps us moving forward every month! With a Q, I'm anxious each month to see the new monthly specials from Thrive Life. My Q processes on the 8th of the month, so today I am inventorying our home store and comparing to what's on sale (I love getting more for my money) and then will update my Q's shipment to take advantage of those sale items we need to build up. And if you have the new Q, or place an individual order, I want to point out the special on the Cansolidator Pantry! In our new home we actually have a pantry and it definitely needs some of these to keep it organized.

Note: the prices on the flyer above are for Q Club members and for those who place their order directly through me (contact me at imthriving@gmail.com)

January Specials Price List (all sizes of items)
January Specials (PDF format)