Aug 13, 2013

Food Storage and Gardening are the best of companions

Photo by Shannon at Moments Captured

It's become my habit due to short amounts of available time to share most things on Facebook instead of on the blog.  So when I saw this post by Apartment Prepper and wanted to share it, I immediately started typing on Facebook.  After the first paragraph, I asked myself why I wasn't just typing it on the blog, and then sharing my blog post.  So here we go, my first "real" post since before our move.

This is the first year in a while that we have not had a garden - it just wasn't feasible knowing that we would be moving in the summer.  And because we didn't have a garden to share pictures of, I'm sharing a picture of the harvest my friend Shannon at Moments Captured is enjoying this year.  Our new house doesn't even have a garden bed but that will be changing by Spring.

I really enjoyed Why You Still Need Food Storage Even Though You Have a Garden.  Most of the years that I've had a garden, it has not been successful.  It almost seems that the more organized I am and the more effort I give it, the less successful the garden is.  But each year, I learn a little more.  And to me, that's the point of the post by Apartment Prepper... you can't depend solely on a fresh garden for all your food supply because it may be destroyed (or as we experienced last year, stolen by squirrels - whole tomatoes at a time disappeared without a trace).  You need to have food with a long shelf life stored.  Obviously my preference is Thrive Foods.  With the great variety of freeze dried and dehydrated delicious foods, my family can eat our favorite foods, make our favorite recipes.

I find the two, food storage and gardening, are great companions.  They supplement and support each other.  I especially like that as I develop my gardening skills (it's not something that comes naturally to me), I have Thrive Foods to rely on and enjoy.