May 30, 2013

National Hurricane Preparedness Week - 72 hr Kit Specials

In recognition of National Hurricane Preparedness Week this week, Thrive Life has information on getting ready for a hurricane on their blog here.  Living so far inland, we only face the remnants of hurricanes but with tornado season upon us (and our tornado risk is currently "elevated" today) we're in preparedness mode around here.  Reading through the Preparedness Tips from Thrive Life, many of them not only work for hurricanes and tropical storms, but they also apply to tornadoes.  The one thing I've learned from being a Thrive Life Independent Consultant - there's always more that I need to learn/do to be prepared, and some things I have to practice/review regularly or I forget (like where my utility cut offs are and how to turn them off).

The most basic preparedness tip, though, is to have a 72 hr kit ready!  To help with that, two of our most popular pre-assembled kits are on special for this week only (through June 1st).  The Providence Basic is a 2 Person Emergency Kit, on special for $92.99 (when you are a Q Club member or contact me).  The Expedition Basic Kit is a 4 Person Emergency Kit on special for $169.99 (when you are a Q Club member or contact me). (A quick note - you may have to put the kit into your cart to see the special price.)  We made 72 hr kits years ago and after trying to update them a few days before the Moore Oklahoma tornado struck, I'm thinking the pre-assembled kit is the way to go.  Just need to add a change of clothes and we'd be done - well, maybe some chocolate too (it's a great tool for helping to calm children in the storm).

If you find that the Providence Basic or Expedition Basic doesn't match your needs, that you want a kit with more supplies, check out all the Pre-Assembled Kits available through Thrive Life.